Uniteki Corporation

Add.: Cheong Shing Industrial Bld., 17 Walnut Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel.: +852-6631 8991 
Fax: +852-6631 8992         

Office hours: 8:30-17:30,
Monday - Friday

Uniteki Corporation

Uniteki provides an unparalleled solution that encompasses every aspect of the supply-chain for consumer and commercial products companies.

Our Business

Totally aware of all the marketplace realities: growing retailer consolidation, ever increasing pressure on the distribution channel and continual margin erosion.

By delivering the absolute lowest cost at the specified quality, A&L provides a competitive advantage by protecting our customers' margins and allowing them to focus on the key sales, marketing and distribution initiatives necessary to grow their business in today's challenging environment.

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Int'l Network

Uniteki critical aspects like innovative product development, uncompromising product quality standards, demanding delivery requirements and concern for working capital.

Our professional infrastructure includes working with all suppliers on an "arms-length" basis that allows us to independently and effectively manage each supplier

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